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Why do humans live in groups

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Why do humans live in groups

1.The cause of the gregarious
Logically speaking, there may be two sources of human gregarious.
One possibility is that the ancestors of humans inherited the social habits by inheriting them. After all, most primates are gregarious.
Another possibility is that after human speciation, natural selection will retain human beings with gregarious habits and eliminate those without gregarious habits, thus making gregarious living a universal adaptive choice.

2.How does group living improve people's adaptability to the environment
Whether it is genetic or adaptive selection, it shows that human social group can help us better adapt to the environment, that is, bette survival and reproduction, that is, gregariousness is the result of natural selection.
 It can help us survive in the first place. Humans did not have the speed of cheetahs, the strength of elephants, the fierceness of lions, or the fangs of snakes. In the natural environment, for early humans, we not only needed to hunt for food, but also to avoid becoming other animals’ foods. At this time, hunting together, defending against natural threats and fighting diseases together can make us more likely to survive.
 Second, it can help us reproduce. Solitary animals need to search for mates all over the mountains and fields, but group living makes the process less energy-consuming and more likely, and is more conducive to the protection and care of offspring. And group living is conducive to the accumulation of knowledge, the most important is that it is also a prerequisite for the generation and inheritance of culture. This is also the basis for the formation of advanced human society.

3.Group living is an inevitable choice
Obviously, if human beings are intelligent creatures, then living in groups will be an inevitable choice for our survival and development.